Wednesday, January 22, 2014

SURFING (An Entrance Update)

The wallpaper is completed! I think the black pattern was a good choice. Now the flooring is an entire other matter. I'll probably end up getting more skinny sticks and doing the flooring in the same style as the living room. 

I've added pictures that I printed off Google Images (what a surprise) and mounted on black cardstock.

I constructed a surfboard out of foam core board, paint, and Mod Podge.

The word on the bottom is Tide, which is short for Riptide, which is English for Anaklusmos. It's a Percy Jackson thing :D

What's left of this room is the flooring, something for the table, flipflops or Chacos for under the table, and possibly a welcome mat.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

An Entrance... Modern or Cozy?

Today I started on the hall that features the front door. This is the first room that I'm not too sure what to do. Old fashioned door, white side table that I have to make shoes to put under, and ___. 

This is the door.

This room is not completely wallpapered, and it hasn't got any flooring. The door is a printable from My Froggy Stuff with some modifications. But here's the part that's got me stumped.

Do I do:

With the wood stove I'd have to make brick hearth and a pipe from the stove to the ceiling. I made the stove out of mat board, string, hot glue, and paint. Recognize it? I was inspired by Brae of in her 2013 entry. The chair is made out of cardboard, cardstock, fabric, and of course hot glue.

Another possibility: 

The shelf will be hanging on the wall instead of propped on the floor. 

I'm leaning a bit towards the modern side. It is a modern house, after all. Though I don't think I'll make the outside very modern. 

It still seems a little empty. Maybe I could prop up a surfboard in between the door and the shelf?

I like the how the bright books look against the wallpaper. I think I'll stick with the shelf :)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Dining Room Completed

Wow, when did blogging become a once a week thing? Hopefully when things quiet down miniatures will pick back up. The deadline is looming closer and I haven't even started on the hardest part, the front lawn and garden. Not to mention the front of the house! 

The dining room is completed! That doesn't mean I won't have random additions in the future.

 The candle is actually a tutorial from My Froggy Stuff . Her videos are very helpful for all ages and I recommend watching them even if you're a professional miniaturist. Who knows what you'll learn!

Here's a close up of the window. I got a picture off of Google Images then covered it with clear plastic.

This is my kitty, Primmy. She's modelled after my real life cat Primrose, but we all call her Primmy. I call her Meow Mix, however. She's sculpted out of clay. I covered her in a layer of grey, then the rest of the colours followed by a layer of Mod Podge. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

I'm Back! (Dining Room Update)

Well, I'm finally back! We won the tournament and had fun doing so. I returned home to a tsunami of homework that really was not necessary. But I finished, and I freed up some time to work more on the dining room. 

A while ago, I had this pad of nature-y paper. A bunch of stickers with words on them were displayed at the front, and of course I used them to make pictures.

I completed the chairs. You know how the whole room is decorated with new white furniture? I decided to make these kind of rougher and older. They're still white, but they don't look exactly the same as the table and the cabinets.


I think the beach window would look really cute right behind the table. A couple of little pictures, maybe of just abstract trees or maybe even of people would look good there too. 

The tiling seems a bit neater than the last two rooms I did. I trimmed the edges of all the blocks before hot-glueing, then pressed them as tightly as I could together. I think it looks a whole lot better this way.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Moving On to the Dining Room!

I started on the dining room today! I only had two pieces of furniture that would work for this wallpaper, but that's okay. I'll need to make two dining room chairs, flowers in a vase or something clear glass for table, and something to put in the cabinet. 

I already wallpapered and tiled (yes I know, third room to tile in a row) the room. Here's the cabinet I already had. It's constructed out of foam board, layer after layer of white craft paint, duct tape, and two jewels on top of the cabinet handles.

I also already had the dining room table. It originally was painted to look like wood, but I repainted it white to be more modern. I'm kind of confused about the chair colour because everything else in this room is white. Originally, I was going to wallpaper the room in the 221B Baker St. wallpaper from Sherlock, but that's not really all that modern. Besides, I think in the future I'll miniaturize 221B anyway.

I'm going to put a window behind the table, overlooking the beach. This is my dream home, and my dream home is on the beach. 

I'm so excited for this room!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Powder Room Finished

Wow, the powder room is finished, finally! I'm very pleased with it. I actually could've finished it easily yesterday, yet I was watching for the weather to clear up. It seems not. 

I added the toilet paper holder to the wall. I'm actually okay without the spray-paint, it still looks like a toilet paper holder.

 I get to move on to the dining room now! :D

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Powder Room Part III

Well, I guess no spray-paint today. The weather will not allow. At least I got to do a couple other things that don't involve spray-paint! 

I painted the toilet, and it came out nicely. The handle is jewellery wire. The trash can is made out of the same scrapbook paper used for the mirror.

I made a little soap dish out of clay, craft foam, and an oil pastel. I cut the soap bar out of craft foam, then moulded a little bit of clay and a teeny scrap of pastel into the dish. I filled the dish with hot glue and slowly pressed the soap into it.

I like the way the pink swirls a little, though it's hard to see from this angle.

This is how far I am.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Powder Room Part II

I had an absolutely awesome break! No school, light ball practising, lots of spare time on my hands... Who DOESN'T love break?

I spent very little time at the crafting table, however. Most of the time I reread books that I really like :D But I decided to get back into my normal school schedule today, and my normal schedule includes miniatures. 

I made the toilet out of clay, craft foam, and mat board.

 It's got some slight balance issues so I'll just glue it in once I'm done painting. I even put pipes in the back! It's just a pony bead and a Q-tip.

I made a little toilet paper holder out of mat board and the remains of the Q-tip.

I just have to cut tissue paper to fit after the holder's finished drying. 

What's left of the powder room: I've got to make a handle for the toilet, make something cute for the counter like a soap dish or flowers or something, paint the toilet and toilet paper holder, and make a trash can. Oh yeah, and I have to make a door.

Almost finished! :)