Thursday, July 17, 2014

Property of ____ ...?

A post by Pepper of MitchyMooMiniatures caught my attention. I've really never thought about the issue of copyright, except for I would rather like it if people didn't copy and paste my exact ideas and pictures to their blogs without linking back to me. I wouldn't want someone to think that I was the one trying to copycat. But it's all a matter of your reputation being protected in the end, isn't it? With me having no reputation in the miniature world, I really have nothing to protect. But say I did. Would it still bother me? I have always, in the past, linked back to the person I got an idea from if I got the idea specifically from them and it was a handmade piece. If I got the idea from Pinterest then I probably won't link back. But Pepper's post made me wonder if the people I'm linking to bother that I'm blogging about my recreation of their original ideas. I've never received an angry comment or e-mail or anything to say that what I'm doing is wrong. Yet is it? I don't know. 

ANYWAYS, I saw a couch with a chaise on Pinterest and recreated it with foam board and mat board. Working with fabric has not done me well in the past... so...

Since I can't have actual LED lights to use for lamps, I constructed little light bulbs out of clay and spray-painted beads.

I've also been working on my first egg-carton brick piece.

Thanks for reading! :D