Sunday, November 1, 2015


The deadline is a little over a month away!


Well, the CC2015 has been rocky, and I mean rocky as in I had to start over about two weeks ago because of the worst careless mistake of my lifetime. By worst careless mistake... too ridiculous and humiliating for me to share. Maybe I should have had some more sleep and coffee before I did a five week job that led to nowhere. 

Anyway. I apologize for the lack of blogging on my part. I've tried to keep up with most of yours, and I'm so impressed! Everyone is doing amazing.

So back to this week's lil' vignette. 

I saw those modern succulent planters and thought they were the best, so in the scene plan they went (I honestly have no clue as to where I saw those planters first, it must have been months ago and this week I decided today's the day). 

I hope I can post again soon, but really, I'm not sure. 

'Til next time! :)