Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Uncle Andrew's Attic

Hi there! First week of school means summer projects, so I put together a scene from The Magician's Nephew

That black thing is the door that Digory and Polly come through.

'Til next time! :D

Saturday, August 9, 2014

I'm going stir-crazy!

So, two weeks left of vacation. Not a lot of miniatures were made this summer, and I don't really know why. But the time wasn't wasted, not in the least. I have spent hours typing two books, Saving the Paper Boy and The Lost Tears of a Sadist. At one point, I wiped eight chapters from one of them and started over almost from scratch. It wasn't working out, the way I was going. But it's going amazing now :D

You know, I've been thinking, and being a miniaturist is a whole lot like being a writer. We get that need to shove our heads leagues deep in craft materials, while they just have to type and type until their fingers are sore and their minds are empty, they've written them out. When we look around, we see things to scale down into mini, while they see possible book ideas. We both get that feeling like we're going to combust if we don't sit down just do it. It's a never-ending cycle, really.

So I made this chair inspired by Atomic Blythe on Pinterest. 

I painted it to look like wood. Mostly brown, a smidgen of black.

Another chair, this one modelled after that really popular kind of chair that I've noticed most miniaturists have in their inventory.


I made this chaise lounge inspired by Kristine's tutorial. This was the third in line of attempts.

 I have felt the need to craft like crazy recently, so I'll post again soon. :D