Monday, April 27, 2015

walled in with wood.

Re-photo session, here we are.

The picture was taken as I was walking around outside, but the printer ran out of ink? Is that what it runs out of? Anyways, it worked out best for it to be grey instead of a vibrant green :)

I don't know what I was thinking, but I carefully cut the mac design out in masking tape and then laid the tape on the computer, painted it, and removed the tape. I'm sure there was an easier way :) 

Progress on the CC2015 has been... nonexistent. Alright. Time to go finish the science fair project. 

Til next time! :D

Sunday, April 26, 2015

in pieces.

I don't know how, but when I plugged in my SD card ten minutes ago a little chip had fallen off when I carried it downstairs. All the pictures I took are gone :(

So I have nothing to show! So sorry, but I'll find another card and retake today's photos soon. Probably not tomorrow, but soon. 

'Til next time!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

sun shines.

I purchased a new camera two days ago! I'm not quite sure when it will arrive, but I was reluctant to photograph today's scene because I really wanted these to be in higher quality photos. That's okay though, I'll touch up the mess of a room box in the meantime so when you can actually see the details you won't wish that you weren't able to :)

You can see the obvious wrinkles the paper insisted on making. 

The picture is one I took a few weeks back of a sunrise I can in no way take claim of finding. It was the most beautiful one I have ever seen. This is only the corner of it, but the colours spread across half the sky and illuminated the cold, softened ground. I had to take a picture :)

I probably will make a tutorial on the chaise for those people who can't sew and still want to make this. Unless the way it's normally made isn't using sewing...? I'll be shocked if I find out I'm not the first to use this technique :/

'Til next time!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

time flies.

I can't believe it's still Sunday as I type. I barely made it. After a week of practically no time for minis, still the scene is propped up on the craft desk. It's production week, so all spare time was eaten up by rehearsals and showings and all that jazz. That was draining. Fun, yes, but draining.

Not my best scene, I know. Too hastily made. 

I'm so excited to see that more and more people are joining the CC2015!! Can't wait to see what they're building. I still haven't done anything but a terrible mock-up that didn't exactly work out the way I was thinking. But at least I'll have the whole summer off...

The contestants for the Shapeways Miniature Contest did amazing on their builds. I'm so impressed, these people are so talented! 

'Til next time! :D

Sunday, April 5, 2015

antique finishing on modern miniatures.

Happy Easter!!!!

Most beautiful day of the year. It's the day when many people who don't go to church finally visit, and it's the day when people are cheery whether they know joy or don't. It's the day a whole lot of people hear truth, and this just amazing. :D

Besides it being Easter, I'm also exuberant because we visited Hobby Lobby yesterday, and you know what I found? Antique Mod-Podge! Better than the glossy stuff, and that is saying something. It just has this shade of realism that's so perfect. And I also re-stocked my matte board supply, finally :)

That little design there is the twenty one pilots emblem, and they will be releasing a new album in less than two months! Ahh so excited!

Those flowers ended up a successful flower experiment, unlike that one attempt

'Til next time!