Sunday, September 20, 2015

a highlighted hue.

I'm alive! Sorry it's been so long. Life has been wild and won't be tamed but there are contest deadlines and a task list way too long for me to sit back and chill :)

This week's scene started out with just the artwork in the bed frame, then branched out from there. You might recognize the blue wall shelves on the left from the Undersized Urbanite contest two years ago. I made it a twin to make it appear a bit more balanced. 

The walls were painted last minute and are actually still wet as I'm typing, which explains the warped wrinkles they made. 

This lil' ukulele has been riding around in my backpack in case I start to lose my sanity or someone asks me what a miniature is for the thousandth time. 

I'm having to cut my plans on the CC2015 short by making the build smaller than my original plan due to deadlines. I'm such a procrastinator (example: this was supposed to be a Sunday scene but it carried from a late night to a Monday morning).

So glad to be back, all of y'all's progress on your builds and all that are looking amazing. I'm trying to catch up on all of you. 

'Til next time! :D