Wednesday, October 15, 2014

1:144 Living Room

Hello to the mini world out there :)

I've finished with my teeny miniature room! It was actually really fun.

For flooring, I painted a scrap of matte board and used a knife to make floorboard indentions on it.

And then, of course, I mod-podged it.

I forgot to stick the penny in there for scale so you can probably tell because the white chair was in my last post

The lamp is two beads, wire, hot glue, and spray paint.

The side table thing-y is mat board, paper, hot glue, paint, and lead for the handles.

The chaise lounge is mat board, paint, hot glue, and craft foam for the pillow. 

The chair is two toothpick ends, mod-podge, paint, and clay.

'Til next time :D