Sunday, December 29, 2013

Powder Room Part I

I'm happy to report that I've finished the kitchen. I used little beads for the handles, or knobs, on the cabinets. I used a jewellery finding for a fancy cutting board. So, onto next room... The powder room! I'm pretty far into it :) but I need to make a toilet... somehow... I'm not the most accurate when it comes to working with clay. But I constructed a sink with cabinets out of mat board, paint, and lots and lots of Mod Podge. The mirror is just layers of scrapbook paper.

I spray-painted the facet and knobs silver. I'm fairly excited about this room; it probably won't take very long and I'll be on to the dining room and bed room. :D

By the way, if you've got any ideas for how to make the toilet, please tell me, I'd appreciate it. Thank you!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Kitchen Chair Tutorial

Kitchen for UU2014 is almost complete, it just needs something for the counter and handles for the cabinets. I completed the chair, and I thought it would be a good very simple tutorial. When I say simple, I mean it. :D 

First things first, the materials are glue (I used hot glue), Q-tips or tooth picks, mat board, and a lump of clay.

Kneed your clay first, and have an amount that's fairly large.

 Once you've done that, begin to form your clay into a chair seat and back. This part is a bit hard, just roll it out into a rectangle, fold it into a 90 degree wedge, and work from there.

Go put your chair in the oven. I actually had to do this part over again because I burned the above chair in the oven D:

Onto the legs! Grab three Q-tips and mark how long you want your legs to be with a pencil. If you're not painting over your legs than I highly recommend a pencil or something that can be erased. 

Cut these out. When you've got them, you can push them off to the side. 

Grab your mat board. You should only have a small bit, because you'll not need much. Mark three dots where you want your legs to go.

Glue your legs on. I used hot glue for this instead of drilling holes or something, but any thing works. 

Cut around your legs. You're done with these for now.

When the clay is done cooling, paint it. I painted mine yellow with craft paint.

Flip the chair over and glue the mat board to the bottom. If you want to have these painted then you should have done so already. 

If you chose to not paint the legs than you should erase the pencil marks from the legs. :/ My bad for not doing that until they were glued.

And you're done. :)

Friday, December 27, 2013

Undersized Urbanite Picture

I found the perfect picture for the Undersized Urbanite Dollhouse Contest link. It's not showing the whole house, but it's showing the kind of style I'm aiming for. The bookshelf actually will be in the entry, sitting in the living room, just as it is right now with no more changes. I couldn't really post a picture of a stack of shoe boxes, which is where I began, so I think this is great.

The top books are scrapbook paper. The tree was drawn by myself and layered onto thick black craft foam. The books that have details on them instead of patterns, aka the smaller, thinner books, are pictures that I printed free from Google Images. I completed them with foam board for pages. The abstract art piece is made from buttons and a bead hot glued together.

Kitchen Stove

Well, yay, the memory card problem was only a slight problem that was very easy to fix. I'll be able to write posts from now on without problem.
This is the stove I made. I accidentally left it out in the light rain for a couple hours. I found it there, spray paint dry, and completely not warped, which is what to be expected from mat board when exposed to water for a long period of time. But that spray paint worked as well as Mod Podge. I Mod Podge everything. In the picture, the edge of the counter is smothered in Mod Podge mixed with black paint. 

I haven't put any handles on the counter cabinets yet, maybe I could do that with bent wire. I actually like it without the handles, it makes it look so clean. But it would be more realistic with handles. The facet is a hanger piece that I spray painted with the same paint as the stove. The facet handles are bent wire with the ends hot glued into beads. The counter needs something, like a bowl of fruit or an abstract modern piece of art, or even a framed picture. A small tree painting with a black frame might look good there...