Monday, March 3, 2014

What do you do when the weather is not being nice?

When the bad weather hits most people hunker down and rejoice about their absence from school with a cup of hot chocolate. Though I don't see why, you drink it inside and the temperature never even changes inside, so it makes no sense. Anyway, the sky was cloudy and dull, so I went to my list of mood-boosters. :D

Clean the bathroom | Call a friend | Run a mile | Read a book | Clean out your closet | Cook something | Watch a sunset | Do your homework | Go to a concert | Play with your pet | Mow the yard | Visit the zoo | Ride a bike | Shoot hoops | Paint a picture | Jam on your instrument | Make a miniature | Practice for musicals | Dance ballet | Recycling | Tidy up your room | Clean your fish's tank | Write a poem | Sing your heart out | Hike in the woods | Light candles and write a song or poem | Design an outfit | Craft | Practice dribbling | Listen to favourite music | Ripstick | Climb a tree | Doodle on scratch paper and hang the picture in your room | Write the meaning of a favourite song and sing it | Exercise | Laugh it out | Act out and sing Le Miz, Wicked, or Frozen |

Yeah, so anyway, I did a ton of those things on the list and fortunately that included miniatures! We miniaturists hunker down with our scissors and materials instead of hot chocolate. So I made a ton of books :D

First get yourself some printables from Google Images, just search "images of miniature books printables" and you'll come up with some stuff, print them and cut them out, bending the paper to make the spine.

Then cut out a piece of either mat board or foam board, depending on the thickness of the spine, to be the pages.

First glue the pages to the spine, if your using hot glue (which is what I used) or you just spread out your glue on the paper and press your board in. 

You're done! :D Wasn't that easy??

I filled out the spaces in the bookshelf in my Undersized Urbanite Dollhouse Contest link.

My house is due in 62 days!! Okay so I've got a bunch more furniture to make, I've got to make a washing machine and dryer, another of those toilets, a bath tub (oooooh that's going to be hard), and a double sink. I might as well start working now with so much time off and so little time left. 

Thanks for stopping by :)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

New couch-y things!

Creativeness comes in weird places, huh? In spreading colours across canvases, in piecing different materials to make furniture so small it's called a miniature! Strange, right? And addictive! :)! And that's what I did today. Actually I was up late last night trying to color mat board with pastels, which as you imagine, did not work at all. I eventually gave up and created a couch-y thing that was kind of original.

Eventually I gave up with the pastels and grabbed the paint and retried.

I added legs.

I'm thinking of putting the couch in the office and use my last desk I did. I won't use the table, though, it doesn't go with the couch. The deadline is looming! This, overall, is a really simple house, it doesn't even have a decorated exterior. But I'm cool with that :D It IS a newbie house.

Should I do more tutorials? I could be making a tutorial for every piece of furniture I do, because every piece is handmade. It would get really tedious though. :l


This chair was inspired by dragondeemini, a really talented artist who blew my mind away. 

The chair is completely made of fabric and foam board. :D