Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Ornament Challenge

Earlier today, a post showed up at Modern Mini Houses with a challenge to make a mini scene with a Christmas ornament, something I'd never thought of before. Since we have a surplus of really odd ornaments that don't exactly match, I was sure I'd find something. Immediately when I opened the box-

I tried to make it the base of a coffee table, but that didn't work. Maybe it could, but I was out of patience with the coffee table idea and none of my materials seemed to work with it.

So I did a hanging fixture.


The table is a rock picked up from a nearby lake with jewellery wire for legs. The coffee cup is clay, and the coaster is cork from a champagne bottle. The plant is a bunch of dried pine tree needles poked into silica gel beads. The plant holder is some sort of rubber cap that you put on a chair or table leg so it doesn't mar the flooring. I don't know for sure, though.

Speaking of champagne bottles, I'm entered into the DWR Champagne Chair Contest. I'll post about it once the results are in. 

'Til next time! :D

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Construction Zone

New project underway.

=lots of Mod Podge, lots of cardboard, and lots of patience. I'll post again soon.

'Til next time! :D