Sunday, June 22, 2014

Tutorial - Cats!

Tutorial time! Yay!

So you'll need two toothpicks and about a quarter sized roll of clay.

To start out, grab a little bit of clay and knead it. 

 Start forming it into a cat face. Use the toothpick. Use your fingers. I normally start by making it a teardrop shape and then pinch the rounded side into two triangles.

Move the triangles around by tugging them into place, then smooth them down by rolling the toothpick gently around them. With the pointy end of the toothpick, poke two holes where you want the eyes.

Continue tweaking it until you're done with it.

Remember to be comparing your head with an actual cat or picture of a cat! Sometimes I get sidetracked and then I'm making a dog, not a cat. Or a porcupine.

Take another bit of clay. Make sure it's scaled right, about the same size as the below picture.

Pull off some and roll it into a ball.

Split the ball in half.

Take one ball and roll it into a cylinder. Pinch one-third of the cylinder slightly.

Place the pinched end on the body and begin to gently roll the toothpick to smooth the clay together.

 Smooth until you can't see a line.

Repeat the process for all of the legs.

Take a strip of clay and form it into your tail.

Put it on the end of the body the same way you did the legs.

Take the head and begin to form the neck like you did the tail and the legs.

Tweak your cat a bit until you're done.

Bake it, paint it, you're done! Yay!

Now all you have to do is coo at it and name it, then laugh at yourself for cooing over a baked piece of clay.


Happy summer! :D

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Flower experiment gone wrong...

Another day in the world of miniature :)

The flowers are real. I snipped up one of those large white thing-ys that's always crawling with ticks and flies and whatnot. I looked at it, deemed it un-bug-ified, and plucked it from the patch. Later, having little white microscopic flowers spread over my desk, I noticed a colony of teeny little bugs half the size of adult lice swarming over my desk and hands! I attempted to smash them all. There are probably more, however, hidden. 

A little history on these chairs: I am horrible at dining rooms. I don't know what to do, and I rely totally on Houzz and other stuff. So I was searching everywhere through Pinterest and I found these chairs. Out of scale and I didn't have the required materials. So I attempted two different ways. One was the white part to be made of mat board. Worked, and was tidy. Next I tried thin foam board. Worked, less tidy. The board was just a smidgen thicker than the toothpick. If you're going to make these chairs, I would say go with the mat board, even though the foam is way easier to cut. 

Anyway, I'm making more cats out of clay. And the shark is currently underway, drying with it's first coat of mod-podge. I'll have a tutorial up on the kittens soon.

Thanks for reading :D

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Crazy Cat Lady (me)

Today, I lost yet another thing- my camera battery charger. There is no other way around this than to search my house endlessly until I come across it... which I will NOT be doing today.

I decided that for fun I'd just make kittens today in 1:14. I love cats and kittens. I'm actually considering using Brae's fish tank tutorial to make a little shark tank for a really small shark, maybe just an unrealistically small blue shark :). Clay is super helpful to us miniaturists.

I am now emotionally attached to my little babies, they're perched on the desk next to me even as I type.

See y'all later! :D

Friday, June 6, 2014


I found my camera! :D

Since minis were not put on hold, just blogging was, I'll catch up on what I haven't done in the next few days. I found my camera in the weirdest place... my camelbak backpack! Why on earth would I put a camera in there when I never hike with a camera in the first place? Or even hike at all, you know, same difference.

So I've decided that this year's minis will be a tad bit smaller. Maybe 1:14... if there even is a 1:14. Previously I was 1:12. 

This chair is just a mock-up, I won't be using it for anything unless I make a slip-cover.

I got this fabulous idea from Call of the Small that the "bean table" I made previously would look great in glass.

The paper is from a bead-making kit. 

Btw, late congrats to the winners of the UU2014!! I hope to see the my fellow contestants in the the UU2015! :D