Sunday, May 4, 2014

Final Reveal- Beachside Home

The year went by fast! I can't believe that it's deadline tomorrow! So I will be not home when the timer ticks down to 0 and I do NOT want to be late so here's my final post on this house. :(

Nobody ever told me I had to have an exterior so I skipped it. However, I'm remodelling one of those old children's houses next year so I'll catch up on my landscaping practice then.
This house has one bedroom two bath. It has an extremely spacious office and a large entrance hallway. About the entrance hallway...

Next, the living room.

 The half-bath! This is the smallest room in the house.

Here's the kitchen! :D

This is the cutting knife.

So here's the next room- the dining room!

The office was a tough room to design for me, eventually I gave up with going super fancy and just used simple furniture pieces.

The sign says "Saving the Paper Boy" and is based off of a current book I'm working on. I'd include it's plot and why there's a bike in the picture but that'd take waaaay too long.

The plant on the shelf is a bit of spray-painted moss in an acorn top.

The next room is the bedroom.

 The cup of tea is made from a bead, a button, and clay.

The last room is the master bathroom.

The tiles both on here and in the kitchen were printed and mod-podged.

Thank you to everyone who read this! Special thanks to my friend, Holly Grace, my family, my sister especially for photographing the whole house for the final reveal, and to Mod-Podge. Without all of you this post wouldn't exist. :D