Sunday, June 14, 2015

grey and greenery.

This week I made a concrete fireplace. I've always admired concrete in modern designs, especially in the architecture and not just the interior design. They acquire these wonderful little cracks over time that give it an aged look. Concrete can be used for sinks, tubs, kitchen counter tops and islands, and fireplaces (just to name a few things).

 I first painted the fireplace a dark shade of grey and then dabbed a lighter shade over that. 

I did a tutorial on the chairs last week.

The couch looks to me like one of those rugged couches you would get for cheap at a thrift store :/ That's okay, one day I'll figure out some magical technique that removes all the messiness involved with painting over hot glue and canvas at once. 

Actually, having an all-grey living room was a mistake. I made the fireplace last week, but didn't finish the room so I did a tutorial. I ended up making these little pieces over time. Once I saw them all together I was just that's not quite right so I tried to inject as much colour into the scene as possible. I think it worked out alright :) I don't know, maybe I only think that because grey is my favourite colour.


'Til next time! :D


  1. The concrete looks great! I had thought about it for a counter top or a coffee table.

    1. Oooh a coffee table! I'll have to try that one. Thank you for commenting! :D